There’s just so much science, nature, music, art, technology, storytelling and assorted good stuff out there that my kids (and maybe your kids) haven’t seen. It’s most likely not stuff that was made for them…
But we don’t underestimate kids around here.

The Kid Should See This connects busy teachers and parents to a growing library of smart, short, & super-cool, “not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them” videos that can be watched in the classroom or together at home. Enjoy 8-12 new vids each week, and search 4,000+ videos in the archives, curated by me, Rion Nakaya, with help from my 8 & 10 year olds.

The internet is full of amazing content…

Sometimes it’s just challenging to find it! TKSST spotlights a wide variety of short, videos that can start conversations, spark questions, & inspire offline exploration for all ages.

What kind of videos are on this site?

Our video selections are driven by wonder, enthusiasm, and “wow!” moments. We cover all topics under and beyond our sun, with a special focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math).

We’re also on a mission to share information about subjects that are often misunderstood, like evolution, climate change science, and clean energy solutions, and look for opportunities to amplify women and people of color who work in STEM fields.

Start browsing our main navigation, find related topic tags below every video, or search the site for specific content.

“Not made for kids… but perfect for them”?

YES! Frankly, a lot of kid-targeted media is mind-numbingly difficult to watch, often full of simplistic narration, smart-alecky dialogue, or wacky noises. Instead, we’re surfacing media that’s not made specifically for children, but that can be meaningful to anyone of any age.

Each video on TKSST is selected to contribute to a kid-friendly corner on the internet that doesn’t underestimate what children can learn or what they might be interested in.
Adults can learn new stuff, too.

…or as my (then) 6yo said, “You know, there are actually no adults. It’s just that adults are the oldest kids.”

When videos appeal to kids and adults alike, it’s a lot more fun to sit down and watch together. Parent and mentor involvement has a lasting impact on kids, helps build a shared vocabulary, and provides a chance to demonstrate that the fun of learning doesn’t stop as we grow older.
Click play and start a conversation.

Every video is just the beginning of the story. New questions, continued discussions, related reading, googling, and writing, and trying out new things can all be next steps in exploring our changing world. Featured videos can also play a part in Genius Hour, inquiry-based learning, flipped classroom activities, integrated studies, and inspiring hands-on experiments, projects, challenges, and experiences.

Additional resources:

Edutopia and KQED MindShift have a treasure trove of excellent articles about innovation in education. We also highly recommend your local Maker Faire, as well as my friends and former coworkers at, a community of kids who love to learn new skills.

TKSST elsewhere…

Read about how the site got started at Lifehacker and Design for Mankind, listen to an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio, watch seven favorite STEM videos for kids on RiChannel, and get hands-on with Fun Summer DIY Projects on Edutopia.

The Kid Should See This has also been mentioned in Real Simple, and on Makezine, Boing Boing, The Next Web, Kottke, SwissMiss, GeekDad, Brain Chase, The Times of India, Graphite, and Cool Mom Tech.

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In November 2014, I launched The TKSST Gift Guide to connect our readers with smart books, games, toys, and more that we genuinely like and use, and/or have been featured on TKSST, and/or are on our wish list. It’s enjoyed praise from Jason Kottke, Recomendo, Austin Kleon, and other awesome supporters.

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